Libros Recomendados


Realizing Value from the Corporate Image.
Charles J. Fombrun.

The Advice Business

Essential Tools and Models for Management Consulting.
Charles J. Fombrun.

Essentials of Corporate Communication

Cees B. M. Van Riel, and Charles J. Fombrun.

Corporate Branding

Majken Schultz, Yun Mi Antorini, and Fabian F. Csaba.

Corporate Reputation and the News Media

Agenda-setting within Business News Coverage in Developed, Emerging, and Frontier Markets Craig E. Carroll.

Guide to Media Relations

(Guide to Business
Communication Series)
Irv Schenkler and Tony Herrling.

Fame & Fortune

Charles J. Fombrum and Cees B.M. van Riel.

Digital Strategies for Powerful Corporate Communications

Paul A. Argenti, Courtney M. Barnes.
Charles J. Fombrun.

Corporate Communication

Paul A. Argenti.

Taking Brand Initiative

How Companies Can Align Strategy, Culture, and Identity Through Corporate Branding
Majken Schultz and Mary
Jo Hatch.

The Power of Corporate Communication

Crafting the Voice and Image of Your Business.
Paul Argenti and Janis Forman.

Setting Global Standards

S. Prakash Sethi.